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We create well-crafted plans for your brand.

Based on solutions, action, ambition, ideas.

Grounded in research.

Meticulous in execution.

Who is Alpha Bet?

A Brand's Brand

Paving the way, the Alpha Bet team believes there is always room for improvement, a constant need to adapt, and the best way to achieve our goals is for our brands to work together. We’re a brand’s brand. Not an agency.

Tribe of Thinkers

The Alpha Bet brings fresh thought to the table. Ideas that are carefully crafted to suit every individual brand. Elements that are aimed at individual members of your audience. And campaigns that are executed perfectly to serve our one common goal.


A good relationship requires good listening. We listen. To you, your brand, and your audience to pin-point exactly what you and your business need, and deliver precisely what you need in order to meet your objectives. We walk with our ears to the ground picking up on unstated objectives and customer needs alike.



We love rolling up our sleeves and getting down in the trenches with you. It’s what we would do for our own brand, and what we promise we deliver when working side-by-side with yours. We believe that no idea is too large to be brought to life. And every idea must be actioned.

alpha bet toolkit

Growth-Driven Design

The new gold standard, perfect for companies who are looking to to set-up quickly, allowing for greater agility and less risk, with ongoing perfection, purely data-driven and based on marketing performance.


Semiotic Decoding

Semiotics helps better understand your target customer and carefully craft a campaign that can resound with them. We study the symbolism you use in your communication and determine how they’re interpreted by your consumers.

Market to The Power of One

Your Brand’s core objective often gets lost in the noise. We excel in cross-channel marketing strategies, design, integration, execution, and client success, all while marketing to your one brand objective.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

A methodology that aligns your content with your prospect’s interests. Your company’s marketing shifts its focus from older, outbound tactics to becoming one that is relevant and helpful, while not being interruptive.

our values


We do what we do, first and foremost because we love it! There’s no point in any of this otherwise. Brands excite us, and new challenges are met with enthusiasm as we love to learn, improve and grow with you.


We’re an open book. Within ourselves and with you. We believe that everyone in our team needs to be equally involved in our projects to ensure an equal stake in all our activities and in the interest of our, and your, long-term sustainability.


We know there’s always room to go above and beyond; whether it’s a brand’s requirements or our own benchmarks; and we do just that every project we’re on. By demanding more from ourselves, we anticipate your needs and personalize every requirement.


We’re  not all talk. Your bottom line, and ours, are still our focus. We believe results should speak for themselves. And we will not promise something that has no measurable result or can’t be monitored.


Gaurav Areng Chakraverti

Gaurav Areng Chakraverti

Co-Founder & CEO

With more than 8 years in the field, Gaurav is the new-age Digital CEO. From SEO to capabilities, he ensures you’re apprised of the most cutting-edge developments and puts them within your reach. He gets the job done.

Genelle Keswick

Genelle Keswick

Co-Founder & Strategist

A decade in the biz, Genelle heads all brand solutions. She delivers both creative, logical and advanced concepts and brand strategies to fruition. All this, backed by innovative, disruptive and revolutionary marketing strategies.



Well, it’s a fast-paced world

we here live in.


Here’s a snapshot

of what we do:


In the case of start-up businesses, to create a brand identity from scratch, or, in the case of more established companies, to grow their brand or new product or service lines.


launch | re-positioning | development


Inbound marketing helps engage and nurture customers along the sales funnel. Shift focus from outbound tactics to becoming an industry expert who is relevant and helpful, not interruptive.


attract | covert | close


Design and create the digital face of marketing and sales assets. Faster than ever. Increase performance month-on-month. Mitigate risk. All with cutting-edge data-driven strategies.


website | apps | games


Having set up an online address is usually never enough. Exploit the expertise we offer in getting your brand noticed, trusted and revisited time and time again.


search | content | social