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Frequently Asked Questions

About The Alpha Bet

What is the Alpha Bet?

The Alpha Bet is a marketing and brand solutions firm established in 2015, based out of India.

What does the Alpha Bet do?

The Alpha Bet offers a wide range of Marketing and Branding services, from logo design to website design, social media marketing to SEO. If there’s anything a brand requires in order to succeed, chances are the Alpha Bet does it.

Where does the Alpha Bet operate?

Headquartered in India, the Alpha Bet serves a global market. Given the power of the digital age, there’s no reason one has to stay rooted to a particular PO Box in order to perform. Besides, we love to travel.

What makes the Alpha Bet different?

For one, the Alpha Bet does not consider itself a digital agency. In fact, they like to think of themselves more like a brand in itself. That being said, they realize the importance of a holistic view towards marketing and brand management, and provide all the necessary services that a brand may need in order to succeed in the ever-competitive world.

Another is that the Alpha Bet is not founded by similar minds. It has been founded by individuals from different walks of life, age groups, experiences and expertise, ensuring that every project they take on is created with no miopic thought and a combination of the best possible viable ideas.

What is the difference between a brand and an agency?

Realistically, there is none. It’s more about perception. The Alpha Bet finds itself in a narrow space where it it a brand by itself, but services other brands as well with regard to branding and marketing. They do, however, care about their client’s brand image, name, reputation and brand itself as much as they do theirs. And that’s a lot!

What is the Alpha Bet's mission statement?

That’s simple, they create, execute and inspire sustainable branding solutions.

What is the purpose of sustainability?

A lot of marketing campaigns, no matter how well thought through, end up failing, or underperforming, only because no one thought of its sustenance over time. We prides itself on being able to understand the market and create scenarios by which each and every plan or campaign can evolve and be sustained over periods of time.

What is Alpha Bet's area of expertise?

Alpha Bet is an all-round brand management company that specializes in either launching a brand or ensuring it speaks the right language and practices the right things in order to stand the test of time. In terms of services, The Alpha Bet specializes in Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Design.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Alpha Bet’s Services

What's different about what The Alpha Bet offers?

Different from digital agencies and speciality agencies, The Alpha Bet relies on the importance of holistic, full-fledged marketing and brand management plans to ensure that there are no holes left unplugged, and that each plan can be sustainable. The Alpha Bet uses best-in-class research and marketing methods, has a group of individuals who specialize in different aspects of marketing, branding, digital execution, design and code so as to provide the best, all-round plan possible.

What is semiotic decoding?

Semiotic decoding, or semiotics, is another layer to marketing research by which The Alpha Bet studies the signs, symbols, colors, meanings and significance of certain culturally significant communication and interprets it so as to help brands perfectly compose their messaging in a way that connects to their target audience on a more personal, experiential level.

What is Marketing to the Power of One?

Brands often tend to lose their message amidst noise and parallel marketing strategies being executed simultaneously. In order to avoid that, The Alpha Bet uses a strategy that markets the brand’s message to the Power of One; ensuring that every piece of communication has a clearly defined objective and is custom made in order to achieve that objective for the brand.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a kind of pull-marketing. The Alpha Bet ensures that a brand is perfectly crafted so as to entice and draw its customers in, thereby minimizing expenditure on advertising. In a way, it’s perfecting all the brand’s owned assets, before requiring to go outside their own ecosystem to drive business objectives.

What is Smarketing?

Smarketing is the process of integrating the sales and marketing processes of a brand. The objective is for sales and marketing functions to have a common integrated approach.

Can one avail of specific services that The Alpha Bet offers?

Absolutely! Although it is advised for some to compile a complete branding and marketing plan, most companies have different agencies working to provide different aspects of the plan, to be compiled at a later point. The Alpha Bet also provides all its services seperately and not necessarily as part of an all-round campaign or plan.

Is there an advantage to availing of an entire package?

Definitely and always! For one, it’s as simple as having less cooks in the kitchen. There’s clearer, more concise communication between us and you, the client. They can both craft clear objectives and plan for their execution. This also ensures that all communication has a common theme or tone of voice that is never compromised. In addition, a full-fledged marketing plan will take into account all the small aspects that may potentially slip through the cracks if not handled only by one partner.

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design is a brand new strategy that combines the performance of a long-term design learning curve with the speed and efficiency of bite-sized project chunks. To put it simply, Growth-Driven Design ensures your development requirements are made in the quickest time possible, mitigating our risk while ensuring performance is always optimum.


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