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Advising, Strategizing, and Executing customized Marketing, Advertising & PR initiatives that are geared to suit the particular objectives of our clients. Bridging the gaps to help your ICO/ITO stand out of the crowd. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for the booming ICO market, and no one knows that better than us, and our customizable process towards each project proves just that.

While most ICOs do follow a specific process, we begin ours by internally validating the viability of your product and performing some research of our own in order to frame the most effective communication style and approach to your marketing plan to ensure that everyone involved in the project is fully aware of the plan. We enable sustainability, not only for your ICO, but from your business’ persepective. We also determine the most effective channels we can use in order to make the most impact while staying within budgets.
The beauty is not in what we do, but how we do it. The best marketing plans are dependent on strategic execution, attention to timelines, and powerful copy. These are areas we excel. In accordance with the strategy, the Alpha ICO team leverages connections in press, media, and forums to ensure distribution, while the in-house team maintains everything from website UX, token economics, influencer outreach and digital marketing. This hyper-targeted marketing effort doesn’t just drive visibility, but the right kind of visibility in accordance with the target demographic, while starting conversations with relevant, real, interested people.
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Once everyone on board is confident of the overall approach, we draw up a formal marketing plan, with over-arching strategies, timelines, and budgets. We circulate this to provide transparency in our thought-process, and to get a sign-off from all stakeholders. Our strategy will be the guideline that we will follow, and will ensure that everyone is on track as to what is being done at various stages of roll-out. We make it a point to create our strategy based on the company’s particular requirements and what would be most effective in each individual case.
Our results are tracked against your ICO’s deliverables and not based on notional activity. Creating, building and executing a strategic approach ensures that you have complete visibility on what we do, and helps us track them in real-time. The effects of these activities are therefore completely noticeable. Analytics and our reporting processes are shared with all relevant stakeholders. Our use of our network enables linking to your ICO, providing it and its pages a huge benefit in views, backlinks and media relations. These results are real and are constantly shared and reported.

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The Initial coin offering market is becoming saturated at a remarkable rate. Your ICO needs a partner that understands the nuances of this market, and the crucial below the line factors that impact and ICO’s success. We firmly believe in the power of the community, and everything we do is crafted to help to build and nurture that community. Our networks range from advisors, investors, platforms, traders, exchanges and service providers – all of whom are encouraged to communicate with each other and aid in uniting the global blockchain userbase.

At Alpha ICO, we use a performance and data-driven approach via a combination of PR, Inbound Marketing, Advertising, and PPC.

The crucial part of any initial coin offering is crowd sentiment and trust. Although you can pick and choose services to suit your unique needs, we do offer end-to-end solutions that are geared, not only to the success of your ICO/ITO but to the success of your business and your company.


Concept Validation

Our team of experts will pool their knowledge and ensure due dilligence as well as sustainability.

Marketing Strategy

We create a go-to-market strategy and roll-out plan complete with a perfect mix of online & offline channels.

ICO Strategy

We put together the ideal mix of platforms we could use to promote and grow your ICO’s visibility.

Digital Capabilities

We frame everything you require for your ICO and beyond, from websites, apps, token sales and social media.


We create the material and pitch your business to influencers, investors and event organizers across the globe.

Community Management

We value you, and your customers, and help you maintain your user bases and conversations.


We facilitate networking within the blockchain community. Our clients today could be your clients tomorrow. We help open those doors for those we work with.

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